AAA Game Titles Soon to Be Available on Mobile Phones – Epic Games

Best Game Titles Incoming to All Devices Near You, Says Epic Games

by Anton Shilov
03/12/2010 | 04:36 PM

At present there is a lot of video games for mobile devices carrying brands of famous titles. However, experience they provide is not always excellent. Epic Games promises that the next-generation of AAA-grade titles will work on all devices, not only on premium PCs or video game consoles.


“Our move into mobile games has nothing to do with the mobile games of today. It is about the mobile games of tomorrow. Every year, the phone handset is two times as powerful as the one before. Tim Sweeney will tell you we’re only 3, 4 switches away from being able to run AAA content on mobile,” said Mark Rein, the head of Epic Games, in an interview with Gamasutra web-site.

AAA-grade games have always demanded exceptional quality of image, gameplay and other factors so to be involved into a game. In case Epic games wants to be beyond what the PC or PS3 or X360 platforms can offer, it has to provide something exclusive for all three platforms. However, in the mobile world there are not too many options to do that since virtually all programs are based on either ARM, Java or x86 platform.

Epic has developed numerous game engines, including the Unreal Engine 3 that now features Nvidia Corp.’s 3D Vision stereo standard. The company is known for implementing market-driving capabilities.