Sony’s PlayStation Portable 2 May Feature Low-Power Cell Processor – Rumours

Sony PSP2 May Be Ultimately Powerful, Market Rumours Claim

by Anton Shilov
05/17/2010 | 03:23 PM

Sony Computer Entertainment may use a derivative of Cell processor – originally developed by IBM, Sony and Toshiba – for its forthcoming PlayStation Portable 2 handheld video game console, according to rumours. The new chip will enable very high performance and will allow Sony to offer rather unbelievable experience. In fact, the PSP2 is likely to be not too far behind PlayStation 3 in terms of performance.


Sony PlayStation Portable 2 – or whatever its actual name is – will be based on the Cell processors with four synergistic processing elements (SPEs), according to VG247 web-site. Back in late 2008 rumours transpired that Sony had licensed PowerVR graphics processor technologies for the next-gen PSP2. Considering that feature-set of Imagination Technologies’ is akin to desktop-class graphics processors, the PSP2 may indeed be more capable in terms of graphics than the PS3 itself.

Quite interestingly, but the PSP2 may also be very smartphone like. According to market rumours, PSP2 has two cameras, one forward and one backward facing, in addition, it has a touch-screen in addition to physical PlayStation buttons. Finally, according to the unofficial information, the device sports both 3G/3.5G and Wi-Fi connectivity.

One thing that remains completely unclear is the launch timeframe of Sony’s second-generation handheld game console. Originally, many sources indicated that SCEI might release the PSP2 in 2010, however, at this point there are rumours about the launch in 2011.

Sony did not comment on the news-story.