Kindle Will Not Obtain Colour Screen in Short-Term – Chief Exec of Amazon

Amazon Kindle Will Not Compete with Tablets Directly

by Anton Shilov
05/26/2010 | 01:00 PM

Many companies are preparing to release their slate-type personal computers that are designed to consume various types of content – including texts, videos, music, etc. – that will eventually compete against electronic book readers. However, Amazon, whose Kindle is the most popular e-book reader, does not plan to directly compete against tablets and equip its device with a colour screen.


"The Kindle will compete with these LCD devices like the iPad by being a very focused product. Serious readers are going to want a purpose-built device, because it's an important activity for them,” said Jeff Bezos, chief executive officer of Amazon, during an annual meeting with investors, reports Dow Jones Newswires.

Amazon Kindle uses electronic paper screen from E-Ink that has very high contrast and more resembles traditional paper than typical liquid crystal displays (LCDs). However, the latter support colour and will be used on tablets akin to Apple iPad. But colour is not a short-term option for Kindle.

“The ability to offer high-quality color on reflective displays is still some ways out,” added Mr. Bezos.

It is somewhat surprising that Amazon does not want to release its own tablet, which would allow the company to sell not only books, news-papers or magazines, but also movies, music, video games and other kind of content. Moreover, since universal devices are by definition more popular among general public than specialized devices, Amazon would get more customers for its tablet products than it currently has with Kindle.

According to chief executive of Amazon, the company has sold millions of Kindles so far.