Electronic Arts: It Will Take Years for Stereo-3D Gaming to Take Off

"I Have Seen Nintendo 3DS, It is Cool," Says CEO of EA

by Anton Shilov
06/08/2010 | 10:48 PM

The chief executive officer of Electronic Arts, the world’s biggest publisher of video games, said that it will take at least two to three years for stereoscopic 3D (S3D) gaming to take off. That said, it is highly probable that stereo-3D video games will get popular on the next-generation video game consoles.


“The first thing you need for a large installed base is 3D televisions and 3D PCs. I think they’ll come over the course of the next two to three years in large numbers. Over time, probably in the course of 2011, 2012, the strongest publishers will author some [S3D] great content, the installed base will be there, and there will be a good positive growth spurt.” said John Riccitiello, chief executive officer of Electronic Arts, in an interview with IndustryGamers web-site.

In fact, Mr. Riccitiello is quite optimistic about stereoscopic 3D gaming in general. He claims that Nintendo 3DS console – the world’s first portable game console with stereo-3D screen – is a positive device.

“I will tell you, I have seen [Nintendo 3DS]; it’s cool,” said the head of EA.

What is noteworthy is that if there is a true demand for stereo-3D gaming emerging only in 2012, it is likely that platform holders – Microsoft Corp., Nintendo and Sony Corp. – would prefer to see S3D titles on their next-generation hardware since it will give a clear difference between the current and the next-gen consoles.

On the other hand, game developers would prefer to roll-out stereo-3D games on the current-generation devices since this can potentially allow them to earn more on sales. On the other hand, those, who buy innovative stereoscopic 3D televisions, are more likely to buy new consoles and games than those, who use older non-3D TVs.