Contract Makers to Start Shipping Natal to Microsoft in August – Rumours

Flextronics and Foxconn to Manufacture Natal Motion Sensor

by Anton Shilov
06/11/2010 | 09:15 AM

A market rumour claims that contract makers of electronics will start shipping Natal motion sensor for Xbox 360 game console as soon as in August, 2010, however, those shipments are not projected to be mass.


Two of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers, Flextronics International and Foxconn Electronics, which already build Xbox 360 game consoles for Microsoft Corp., will also make code-named Project Natal motion sensor for the device and will start shipments as soon as this August, in a couple of months from now, reports DigiTimes web-site.

Even though shipments to Microsoft are projected to start more than two months earlier than the accidentally announced launch in October, the rumour also claims that “mass shipments are estimated to start in 2011”. Mass shipments in 2011 may indicate that it will take some time before the demand towards Natal picks up and production will increase; but on the other hand it may also mean that Microsoft may consider an option to delay Natal release for some reason.

More information about Microsoft Natal in general as well as its launch timeframe in particular will be released next week at the E3 trade-show, which takes place from 15th to 17th June, 2010, at the Los Angeles Convention center.

Microsoft did not comment on the information.