Nintendo to Reveal Price and Release Date of 3DS in Late September

Nintendo Preps to Unveil Launch Information for 3DS

by Anton Shilov
07/29/2010 | 02:00 PM

Leading maker of game consoles Nintendo said Thursday that it would reveal pricing and exact launch date of its highly-anticipated 3DS portable video game system on September 29, 2010, exactly two months from now. This is not the first time when Nintendo will make a major announcement in September.


The company decided to remain usually tight-lipped over any additional details about the 3DS, but a report from Computerworld notes that it will not be the first time when Nintendo will make release important details about its next-gen products in September. Nintendo has made major product announcements around September in previous years: in 2006 the company unleashed the final details about the revolutionary Wii, in 2008 the firm revealed details about the DSi and in 2009 it announced plans for Japanese launch of the DS LL.

The company provided prototypes of the 3DS to game developers long ago and at E3 show last month it formally unveiled the console's capabilities, design, the list of games set to be available around launch and some other peculiarities. Later on the company indicated that it would only release the 3DS in calendar 2011, even though almost everyone expected it to hit the market in 2010 in time for the Holiday season. The price of the console also remains a mystery.

Nintendo 3DS comes with a 3.53” autostereoscopic 3D top screen and a 3.02” bottom touch screen. It has three cameras – one inner and two outer – to deliver the stereo-3D effect and take stereo-3D pictures. It includes a motion sensor, a gyro sensor, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n controller, a Slide Pad that allows 360-degree analog input and so on. The device also has a special slider that can increase, decrease or disable stereoscopic 3D (S3D) effect. The 3DS comes in form-factor that is similar to the predecessors and is fully compatible with Nintendo DS titles. The console uses DMP Pica 200 graphics processor.