Id Software's Rage Game to Be Out This Year... on iPhone

John Carmack Shows Rage Title Running on Apple iPhone

by Anton Shilov
08/12/2010 | 10:33 PM

At QuakeCon 2010 convention id Software's John Carmack has showcased the Rage title, which has been on development for personal computers and game consoles for over six years now, running on Apple iPhone 4. The game will be available for the platform sometime later this year, the company revealed.


The Rage demo for iPhone 4 can run at 60fps, but it can also run on iPhone 3G as well as on iPad, probably with lower speed. According to John Carmack, an idTech 5-based game with megatextures for the iPhone platform  will require hundreds of megabytes of storage space. In general, the demo that Mr. Carmack demonstrated looks very impressive for the mobile phone.

Unfortunately, there is no information about actual resolution or actual graphics effects, but what is evident from videos published by different web-sites is that the game does feature dynamic soft shadows, some kind of motion blur, no depth of field effects, relatively low-poly models, loads of small details on textures and so on. The software developer is now looking for Google Android platform to port its games to.

Later this year id Software will release a short version on the Rage game for iPhone platform already this year, whereas next year the full title will be available along with the PC release.