Slates Will Not Eradicate Market of E-Book Readers - Analysts

E-Book Reader Shipments to Reach 35 Million by 2014

by Anton Shilov
09/14/2010 | 10:49 PM

Even though slate-type personal computers can allow reading electronic books and support a number of other capabilities, they will not destroy the market of specialized electronic book readers or kill the product category. According to analysts, e-book readers will reach 35 million annual unit shipments by 2014, which is up from the previous forecast.


In-spite the potential impact that the tablet PC market may have on the standalone e-reader market, e-reader shipments will grow from 12 million units by the end of this year, to 35 million in 2014, according to In-Stat market research firm. Earlier this year the company predicted 10 million e-book readers to be supplied in 2010 and 28.5 million devices to be shipped in 2013. At the same time, In-Stat also increase its prediction of slates shipments: the firm now expects approximately 58 million of tablets to ship in 2014.

"Tablet PC shipments are taking off, fueled in particular by the Apple iPad introduction. Yet, there will still be a revenue opportunity for e-reader suppliers and OEMs since tablet PCs and e-readers target different consumers. Standalone e-readers will address the needs of avid readers, to whom the reading experience is central. Tablets are better suited for consumers who prefer a stronger multimedia experience, and only light reading," said Stephanie Ethier, a senior analyst at In-Stat.

The market tracking firm predicts that e-book reader price points will continue to fall over the remainder of 2010, with a $99 model likely available in time for the holiday season.

The semiconductor total available market for e-book reader suppliers will exceed one billion dollars in 2011.

Among the semiconductor devices used in e-readers, the processor ASP will be the most resilient over the forecast period, only declining 18% from 2009 to 2014.  Despite significant increases in NAND flash densities, the dollar value of Flash declines 60% over the same period.