Portable Entertainment Devices with 3G/4G Baseband on the Rise - Analysts

100 Million of Portable Entertainment Devices with WWAN to Be Shipped in 2011

by Anton Shilov
10/14/2010 | 03:27 PM

Cellular connectivity is no longer just for mobile phones and laptops. A number of portable entertainment devices (PEDs) now incorporate cellular connectivity, providing a growing revenue opportunity for network operators, content owners, and manufacturers, according to In-Stat market tracking firm.


“Standalone e-readers represent the brightest spot in 3G/4G-enabled PEDs with unit shipments expected to grow significantly across all regions over the next several years,” said Stephanie Ethier, a senior analyst at In-Stat. 

In fact, there will be significant growth across all categories of 3G/4G-enabled PEDs over the next five years. WCDMA will be the dominant enabling technology across the majority of shipments, with the exception of digital photo frames where GSM will be dominant, according to the findings of the market tracking company. Total 3G/4G PED unit shipments across all segments will increase by 87% between 2009 and 2014.

“North America will dominate compared to other regions capturing 64% of the worldwide 3G/4G e-reader market by 2014. Asia/Pacific will rank second in market share,” added Ms. Ethier.

Of the PED markets included in the research, only e-readers are expected to incorporate 4G technology over the next five years, which is a surprise, given the fact that they do not require high bandwidth.

Total 3G/4G PED unit shipments in Asia will surpass 5 million by 2013. Western Europe 3G/4G PED unit shipments jump 542% 2012 over 2011.

In-Stat classifies e-readers, personal navigation devices (PNDs), digital photo frames (DPFs) and probably portable game consoles as PEDs.