Nintendo: Apple Is More Significant Threat Than Microsoft

Nintendo Considers Apple as a Major Threat

by Anton Shilov
10/22/2010 | 05:34 PM

The president of Nintendo's America's business unit considers Apple and its iPhone and iPad platforms a much heavier threat than mighty Microsoft. The reason? Those platforms are appealing to all types of customers, which is why there may be more gaming content overtime for Apple's devices than for Nintendo's .


"The iPod and iPhone are great for casual games like 'Angry Birds' that provide a welcome distraction. Games on the Nintendo DS, by contrast, can consume. Do I think that in the near term [Apple's platforms] can hurt us more than Microsoft? Absolutely," said Reggie Fils-Aime, the president of Nintendo of America, in an interview with Forbes.

Interestingly, but Mr. Fils-Aime did not mention the potential of Google Android-based handsets, which are gaining grounds in terms of sales in the U.S. Potentially, this points to the fact that Apple's and Nintendo's customers are eager to pay more for additional software than those, who use an Android-based phone.

Nintendo does dominate in sales of video games nowadays, but it does dominate in sales of casual games, a market that it cannot let go. Yet, Apple enables thousands of developers to create tens of thousands of entertainment programs that can be sold per $1. Perhaps, this is what Nintendo hates selling its exclusive titles from $20 a piece?