Sales of Blu-Ray Content Continue Double-Digit Growth in Europe, Japan

As DVD Sales Slide, Blu-Ray Sales Fly – GfK

by Anton Shilov
10/27/2010 | 10:44 PM

There are no questions that packaged media market is slowly declining. However, as sales of DVD are quickly declining, shipments of Blu-ray discs are getting higher rapidly. Moreover, in Q3 2010 the market of DVD and Blu-ray movies increased 8.8% quarter-over-quarter, according Media Control GfK International, an international media and entertainment tracking firm.


According to Media Control GfK International research, based on actual point-of-sale data, third quarter retail sales of combined DVD/Blu-ray units increased from the previous second quarter by 8.8% in Western Europe/Japan. Leading key retail markets included Germany/Austria/Switzerland, Sweden and the UK.

"We observe this quarter-to-quarter growth as a positive sign of recovery for the home entertainment retail markets, and anticipate a strong fourth quarter will help offset year-to-date declines" said Brad Hackley, president of Media Control GfK, USA.

 Year-over-year third quarter sales volume of combined DVD/Blu-ray units were down 3.8% in Western Europe/Japan. The Blu-ray format continued its double-digit growth trajectory with unit sales volume up 67.6%, from last year.