Sony PlayStation Portable May Be Due for a Change - Sony

Sony Neither Confirms Nor Denies PlayStation Phone

by Anton Shilov
10/28/2010 | 11:22 PM

A high-ranking executive from Sony Computer Entertainment of America implied in a recent interview that the company's PlayStation Portable game console may be somehow modified soon. Unfortunately, the official for SCEA neither admitted nor denied existence of PlayStation Phone plans.


"The PSP is a Wi-Fi device. People are used to having always-connected devices," said Peter Dille, the senior vice president of marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment of America, confirming in an interview with CNN that the lack of WWAN support may be holding back sales of PSP.

Apparently, even the concept of PlayStation Network is not fully realized on the current PSP or PSPgo as the PSN is meant to be always connected.

"I don't think we fully realize that vision with a Wi-Fi device. If it is not connected [to a cell network] then it does sort of limit people," added Mr. Dille.

Earlier this week images of alleged Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone emerged on the Internet. The device has been rumoured for years, but neither Sony Computer Entertainment nor Sony Ericsson have ever confirmed it. Potentially, SE PS Phone can do everything PlayStation Portable can, but will also allow to make calls and comfortably browse the Internet. Automatically, this will put that smartphone into direct battle against Apple iPhone, Google Android, Nokia, RIM Blackberry and so on.

The vice president of marketing at SCEA does not believe that platforms like smartphones will really heavily compete for core audience of PlayStation Portable as the latter has high-quality games, something that platforms like Android, iOS and others yet have to gain. Moreover, PSP has consistent experience, whereas cell phones do not guarantee that since they are based on different hardware and come from different makers.

"[Smartphone games] are largely time-killers. Gamers are not satisfied with that," said Mr. Dille.