Sony Sells 4.1 Million PlayStation Move Controllers in Two and Half Months

Sony PlayStation Move Sold-In Numbers Reach 4.1 Million Units

by Anton Shilov
11/30/2010 | 10:55 PM

Sony Computer Entertainment late on Tuesday announced that the sales of PlayStation Move motion controller for the PlayStation 3 video game console reached over 4.1 million units worldwide. The sold-in numbers typically reported by SCE do not necessarily mean ultimate popularity of Move among actual gamers, but the number easily makes the controller one of the biggest add-on devices for the PS3.


The 4.1 million sold-in units milestone was reached in about 70 days since the release of Move in September for North America, Europe/PAL territories and Asia, and a little more than one month since the launch of the PlayStation Move in October for Japan. The number shows clear success of the launch of the new motion sensing controller and also indicates positive momentum going in to the holiday season and to the year 2011.

Based on the fact that Sony PlayStation Move controller was on the market for about 70 days, the sold-in figure of 4.1 million shows that Sony supplied around 58.5 thousand of Move accessories to its retail partners every day, which does not mean that 58.5 thousand of devices were bought by actual gamers. Nonetheless, sales of Move seem to be healthy enough to keep retailers excited. Even though Sony's gadget cannot match Microsoft Kinect's 100 thousand a day sell-through number (2.5 million units sold to gamers in 25 days), it is indisputable fact that the Move appears to be a big success for Sony.

Both Microsoft Kinect and Sony Move are answers of the two conglomerates on Nintendo Wii, which has been available with motion-sensing controller included in to the package from day one in 2006.

The PlayStation Move platform includes the motion controller with a special light bulb, navigation controller, and PlayStation Eye camera. The combination of the PS3 system and PlayStation Eye camera detects the precise movement, angle, and absolute position in 3D space of PlayStation Move motion controller, allowing users to intuitively play the game as if they themselves are within the game. PlayStation Move motion controller sports three-axis gyroscope, a three-axis accelerometer, a terrestrial magnetic field sensor as well as a color-changing sphere that is tracked by PlayStation Eye camera to deliver very precise accuracy. The lighting sphere, however, requires the player to stand beside the PS Eye camera.

PlayStation Move motion controller costs $49.99/€39.99, PlayStation Move navigation controller is priced at $29.99/€29.99, PlayStation Eye carries $39.99/€29.99 price-tag, whereas optional charging station and shooting attachment cost $29.99/€29.99 and $19.99/€14.99, respectively. Sony also sells PlayStation Move Bundle – which includes one PlayStation Move motion controller, a PlayStation Eye camera, Sports Champions Blu-ray game and PlayStation Move game demo disc – for $99.99.