Kindle Now Bestselling Product of All Time at Amazon - Company

Kindle Sets Another Sales Record, Amazon Remains Mum on Sales Figures

by Anton Shilov
12/27/2010 | 11:27 PM

Amazon, the world's largest online store, said that its Kindle electronic-book reader has become the most popular the company has ever sold. While the company remains tight-lipped about actual sales figures of Kindle, the firm admits that there are "millions" sold and also stresses that Kindles are popular also among those, who own tablet personal computers.


"We are grateful to the millions of customers who have made the all-new Kindle the bestselling product in the history of Amazon. We are seeing that many of the people who are buying Kindles also own an LCD tablet. Customers report using their LCD tablets for games, movies, and web browsing and their Kindles for reading sessions. They report preferring Kindle for reading because it weighs less, eliminates battery anxiety with its month-long battery life, and has the advanced paper-like Pearl e-ink display that reduces eye-strain, works outside in direct sunlight. Kindle's $139 price point is a key factor - it is low enough that people don't have to choose," said Jeff Bezos, founder and chief executive officer.

The company said that Kindle (Wi-Fi) and Kindle 3G were the best-selling products on this holiday season. On Christmas Day, more people turned on new Kindles for the first time, downloaded more Kindle Buy Once, Read Everywhere apps, and purchased more Kindle books than on any other day in history, Amazon indicated.

Recently unofficial sources said that Amazon might sell eight million of Kindle's this year, which would exceed expectations. It appears that Amazon sold 2.4 million Kindle e-book readers back in 2009 and analysts expected the company to ship around 5 million this year. But in reality the company is now projected to sell 8 million Kindle devices, which is 60% higher than some analysts have predicted.

According to Amazon's official comments, its third-generation Kindle e-book readers have proven to be the most successful among all and the company was surprised to see that high demand on them in Q4 2010.