Video Game Industry Executives Pin a Lot of Hopes on Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS May Become a Product of the Year 2011

by Anton Shilov
01/07/2011 | 05:18 PM

We still do not know, what is the product of the year 2010 and we are definitely unsure about the product of the year 2011, many video-game industry executives believe in Nintendo 3DS and pin a lot of hopes onto this platform.


“Industry growth fuelled by new platforms such as 3DS, which looks set to be a market mover. Franchises will generate more revenues than ever before through digital micro transactions overlaying the core game, and hardware will get ever cheaper resulting in ever more software sales," said Rod Cousens, chief executive officer of Codemasters, in a brief interview with MCV web-site.

While industry growth may indeed be fuelled by platforms like Nintendo 3DS, it should be noted that third-party video games for any Nintendo platforms rarely hit truly high sales and end up in top 10 in the U.S.

“To be honest  am most looking forward to the arrival of the 3DS, which should give a decent boost to the handheld market," said Nick Sultanti, Games Buyer at Morrisons.

Since Morrisons stores do not exactly care what to sell, it is clear that they welcome Nintendo 3DS console since they will sell a lot of units and since whey will continue to carry numerous games for it (from whatever publisher) as well as its predecessor DS. In any case, the claim proves that there are high hopes for the 3DS.

“It would have to be the 3DS. It’s time for the market to regroup around innovation, designed by the best gaming minds the planet has to offer. Oh, sometimes how I wish I was Japanese," said Craig McNicol, managing director at Koch Media.

“It has to be 3DS. Nothing ignites the games market more than a new hardware launch, and 3DS is set to be the hottest product of 2011. I think 3DS will have huge  appeal," said Andrew Thompson, the head of games at Asda.

"We are very excited by Nintendo 3DS and we look forward to this exciting innovation bringing 3D gaming to a mass market, and the sales that will deliver," claimed Phil Moore, sales director of Grainger Games.

In fact, a number of resellers of video games claims that the 3DS is very important, meaning that they expect the device and supporting titles to be best-sellers. By contrast, only one game developed questioned by MCV believes that the 3DS will be something important for it and the industry.