Microsoft Looking For Testers to Try "Updated Xbox 360 Disc Format"

Microsoft to Implement New Disc Format for Xbox 360

by Anton Shilov
03/29/2011 | 10:42 PM

Microsoft Corp. reportedly plans to implement a new "disc format" for Xbox 360 game console along with the next release of the system update for the system. At present the details are scarce, but since the software giant is looking for  "multiple thousands of participants" of the update preview program, the system software upgrade may be a major one.


"We are doing an Xbox 360 System Update Preview program for our next release, and the opportunity to sign up is now available. We are conducting an open call for U.S. based participants for a public preview to help us prepare for an updated Xbox 360 disc format. This is an important update as we continually strive to improve our products [...]. As part of the preview program, you will receive a copy of Halo: Reach along with other possible rewards," said Microsoft's Major Nelson in the official blog.

No information about the updated Xbox 360 disc format is available at present. Given the fact that implementation of a Blu-ray disc drives requires change of the hardware, it is highly unlikely that Microsoft wants multiple thousands of participants of the update preview program to test appropriate capabilities. On the other hand, Microsoft might incorporate a new recording technology for games distributed using DVD-ROM discs to boost capacity, tackle software piracy or cut its own costs a bit.

Back in the days Microsoft used to sell a standalone HD DVD drive for Xbox 360 game console, which allowed gamers to watch high-definition movies. Since the HD DVD lost the war against competing Blu-ray disc (BD), Microsoft discontinued the accessory. Potentially, the company might come up with a discrete BD drive for X360, but that drive will be used for movies only and not for games.

Those, who would like to help Microsoft with testing should sign up at the company's web-site.