Sony Reportedly Discontinues PSP Go Portable Game Console

Sony Stops Production of PSPgo Portable Game Machine

by Anton Shilov
04/20/2011 | 03:05 PM

Sony Computer Entertainment has reportedly stopped manufacturing of its PSPgo portable video game console. The device reportedly fulfilled its goal and is no longer needed on the market in the light of the next-generation portable (NGP) console due to be released later this year.


The main differences between the new PSPgo and the original PSP is the lack of UMD drive on the former as well as design. Instead of locating controls on the sides of the device, PSPgo replaces the UMD drive with 16GB of flash memory to store a variety of digital entertainment content. In addition to Wi-Fi, PSP Go also sports Bluetooth that allows to connect PS3 controllers, such as DualShock or SixAxis, but not for playing games, but in order "to be used when watching video content on TVs via PSP at home", according to Sony.

The success of the PSPgo was not high due to the fact that it cost more than the original PlayStation Portable and often required its users to buy older UMD games again in order to play them. With the NGP game console Sony plans to introduce new features that will allow gamers to get games wirelessly.

SCE plans to provide PS Suite for NGP and Android-based PlayStation-certified smartphones  within this calendar year, starting with original PlayStation games that will allow users to enjoy gameplay on their Android based portable devices. SCE also plans to open PlayStation Store where users will be able to download content in an easy to use environment, directly via the Android based portable devices. Moreover, SCE will provide a new game development environment in an effort to ensure new and compelling content is delivered on PS Suite, which will also offer opportunities for a wider base of developers and publishers to further expand their business on various portable devices. Newly developed content for PS Suite can also be enjoyed on the next-generation portable entertainment system (NGP).

Sony hardly needs PSP Go console at the moment. With the launch of the NGP as well as Sony Ericsson Xperia Play smartphone the company will hardly need the third portable gaming device with limited functionality in order to avoid the competition.

Official comments could not be found on the web-site of SCEI at press time.