OnLive Looking Forward To Add of Video Game Streaming Technology to PlayStation and Xbox Consoles

OnLive Wants Its Game Streaming Technology on Game Consoles

by Anton Shilov
12/08/2011 | 04:03 PM

OnLive, a leading video game streaming service, said that it would like to see its technology on current or next-generation of video game systems from Microsoft Corp. or Sony Computer Entertainment. But while for OnLive it makes complete sense to install its client software on all possible devices, it may  not be interesting for Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony.


"If they decide they want to use our technology, that would be a great discussion because we've already got the infrastructure. We know how to do it. There are a lot of things we could bring to the table and they could bring to the table. It would certainly be a discussion we would love to have. It would be very interesting," said Bruce Grove, the head of OnLive UK, in an interview with Eurogamer web-site.

In fact, OnLive has already managed to install its client on PlayStation 3 before SCE disabled ability to install Linux onto the video game system, there is everything needed to run OnLive on modern game consoles. With OnLive installed, game consoles would gain ability to run titles designed for more powerful systems provided that they can control them using proprietary controllers. For example, Nintendo Wii would gain ability to run games not available and only designed for PS3 or Xbox 360.

But such an approach is barely interesting for developers of game consoles as they receive royalties for every game sold. While it is easy for OnLive and game creators to pay royalties to platform holders whenever the game is rented or purchased virtually or played, for Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony it is important to sell new systems too. Every new game console catalyzes to get new games and if a substantial part of such games are available on older systems, it reduces the value of new consoles in the eyes of the gamers. Moreover, virtually all console games rely on unique capabilities of game consoles, e.g., in terms of performance or control, and therefore streaming a game onto a different device may ruin the whole user experience.

OnLive argues that Sony or Microsoft could just add OnLive client onto their systems and see how it can turn out and what can it provide.

"Hybrid is got to be the way they're thinking about this. But knowing the technology works, seeing it works, they've also got to be thinking, this is going to be the future in some form. Just in the way with Xbox Live and multiplayer, they build them in, but not everyone takes advantage of them. It just becomes another feature that is part of the general gaming quiver," said Mr. Grove.