AMD Working on Graphics Processor for PlayStation 4 - Report

Sony PlayStation 4 May Be Powered by AMD

by Anton Shilov
02/23/2012 | 04:28 PM

It is well known that Sony Corp. is developing the next iteration of the popular PlayStation console, the PlayStation 4. What remains unknown is the hardware that powers it. According to a media report, the PlayStation 4 will utilize graphics processing technology designed by Advanced Micro Devices.


A former employees of AMD told Forbes web-site that the company is working on a graphics processing technology for the next-generation PlayStation 4 video game console. The ex-employees did not provide any actual details or evidence about the actual proceedings and also naturally remained anonymous.

At present the information should be considered as a rumour as a custom AMD Radeon graphics chip inside the PS4 means that Sony will either have to drop compatibility with PS3 titles on its new consoles, or pay additional royalties to Nvidia Corp., whose chips power the current PlayStation 3 system.

In case the rumours about AMD's custom Radeon graphics processors inside Xbox Next (Loop, Durango) as well as PlayStation 4 are correct, then the company has a reason to celebrate: it is a massive success to  power all three next-generation consoles from all three major platform holders, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony). Such position on the market may be very favourable for AMD as it will allow it to scale its graphics processing architecture beyond consoles, which are the primary game platforms nowadays, to new types of hardware that will be the gaming platforms of tomorrow.

Among other advantages, Radeon HD architecture inside every next-generation consoles will provide AMD a major advantage on the market of personal computers as all major game designers will have to optimize their titles for AMD architecture and therefore the Radeon graphics chips for PCs will have an advantage over competing solutions.

However, developing of three separate graphics cores for the next-gen video game consoles means that AMD will have to offload resources from other projects, such as next-generation GPUs for PC or ultra-portables, and dedicate them to development of new solutions for console platform holders.

AMD and Sony did not comment on the news-story.