Sony PS4 “Orbis” Set to Support 4K Resolution Games, But Will Drop Support for Current Titles

Sony PlayStation 4 to Drop Compatibility with PlayStation 3, Used Games – Report

by Anton Shilov
03/28/2012 | 03:31 PM

Sony Computer Entertainment’s next-generation video game system is reportedly code-named Orbis and is projected to be very powerful. But the new console, which is expected to be out in 2013, will not play currently available games and will lose compatibility with used games in general.


Based on what is currently known about the PlayStation 4 is that it is based on a microprocessor and a graphics processing unit (GPU) designed by Advanced Micro Devices. Apparently, those chips will be powerful enough to support video games in 4096*2160 (4K) resolution and video games in stereo-3D mode in 1920*1080 (1080p) resolution, according to a report from Kotaku web-site.

Since there are not a lot of 4K screens at the moment, the next-generation PlayStation “Orbis” appears to be intended for games that will shine starting from several years down the road. Apparently, the PlayStation 4 may be an even more ambitious endeavor than the PlayStation 3 in case of capabilities. But at the same time it is expected that its development will not be as expensive as that of the PS3.

But the PS4 "Orbis" will have a number of compromises: it will not be compatible with PlayStation 2 or PlayStation 3 titles and it will not be exactly friendly with pre-owned/used games. Apparently, each particular Blu-ray game disc will be tied to a particular PSN account. A good thing is that if a disc becomes obsolete, the system should allow digital download, which means that it will sport a pretty large hard drive.

An indirect confirmation to the fact that Orbis game console from Sony does exist in plans is that SCE’s developer web-site already knows the name and leads to the front-page of the SCE DevNet web-site, something that does not happen in case of a random name.

It is presently expected that the PlayStation 4 “Orbis” is on track for release for the holiday season in late 2013.

Sony Computer Entertainment did not comment on the news-story.