Game Developer: Media Tablet's Game Quality Not Far from AAA Console Titles

Quality of Video Games on Modern Devices Increasing Rapidly

by Anton Shilov
04/10/2012 | 11:11 PM

Media tablets, such as Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab, are evolving at a much higher pace than dedicated video game systems. In fact, the latest third-generation Apple iPad has graphics sub-systems that is more powerful than that of Microsoft Xbox 360 or Sony PlayStation 3. The quality of games for tablets is catching up: according to Remedy, premium titles for slates is not far behind AAA games for consoles.


"You still see ports of console titles being brought to iPad. While some of those are cool, I think the really powerful things would be when they are made for [exact device] when you take the interface into serious consideration in your design. I do not think we are far away from that [quality of games on iPad] at all. [...] I think Infinity Blade is now the benchmark and I think Epic and Chair have done a wonderful job there," said Matias Myllyrinne, chief executive officer of Remedy Entertainment, in an interview with GamesIndustry International web-site.

Infinity Blade by Epic on Apple iPad 2

There are clearly a lot of difference between console and tablet/smartphone games as well as behaviour of gamers. But the borders are vanishing and it is obvious that many gamers now use modern gadgets instead of handheld game consoles. Going forward, technology that powers smartphones and tablets will find a way to TV-sets or set-top-boxes and will compete against full-size game systems.

Games, which are specifically designed for game consoles and which take advantage of their controls will continue to be made for those systems, but it is clear that as the popularity of new devices is increasing, more and more games will be made with them in mind. A good news for platform holders and game designers is that technology in general is now so sophisticated that there will be a place for everyone.

"Technically, we can just do much more and production wise we can just do much more than we ever could before, so I'm really looking forward to what happens in the upcoming years," added Mr. Mylllyrinne.