Microsoft Prep Xbox 360 + Kinect Bundle for $99 with Two Years Subscription to Xbox Live - Report

Microsoft Readers New Xbox 360 + Kinect Bundle with Xbox Live Gold Compulsory Subscription

by Anton Shilov
05/02/2012 | 08:43 PM

Microsoft Corp. reportedly wants to sell its Xbox 360 video game systems with subscription plans. The first bundle, which will include a console and Kinect motion sensor, will be reportedly offered as early as next week and will cost just $99 with two year subscription plan for Xbox Live Gold service.


Starting next week, the software giant will offer a bundle consisting of Xbox 360 4GB console and Kinect motion sensor, which normally costs $299 in retail and $259 at, for $99 with two year Xbox Live Gold subscription for $15, according to The Verge web-site. At present it is unknown what is included into the $15 subscription plan for the Xbox Live Gold, but probably Microsoft does not sell a pure $5 package for $15.

It is reported that Microsoft wants to sell subsidized Xbox 360 game consoles not only to compete fiercely against Nintendo Wii or Sony PlayStation 3, but to offer a viable alternative to Apple TV and similar services. It is unclear whether the company has plans to offer analogous deals in other countries in addition to the U.S.

Microsoft did not comment on the news-story.