Microsoft Begins to Sell Xbox 360 with Kinect for $99

Microsoft Starts to Sell Xbox 360 + Kinect with Compulsory Xbox Live Subscription

by Anton Shilov
05/08/2012 | 08:02 PM

Microsoft Corp. on Tuesday began to offer Xbox 360 game console with Kinect motion sensor for $99 with compulsory subscription to Xbox Live Gold Service for two years at $14.99 a month. Those, who do not like to pay the whole sum for their devices at once, will now be able to get the console and the sensor for just $99.


The software giant now offers a bundle consisting of Xbox 360 4GB console and Kinect motion sensor, which normally costs $299 in retail and $259 at, for $99 with two year Xbox Live Gold subscription for $14.99 a month. The deal is only valid in Microsoft's retail stores in the U.S.; customers should bring in  special code located at Microsoft's web-site. It is unclear whether the company has plans to offer analogous deals in other countries in addition to the U.S.

It was reported last week that Microsoft wants to sell subsidized Xbox 360 game consoles not only to compete fiercely against Nintendo Wii or Sony PlayStation 3, but to offer a viable alternative to Apple TV and similar services.

Given the fact that the default Xbox Live Gold subscription typically costs $5 a month, the $14.99 price-tag should include some additional services, as otherwise the final price of the hardware will be rather significant $339 and will barely make a lot of sense.