Publishers Expect Microsoft and Sony to Launch Next-Generation Consoles in Late 2013 - Report from E3 Show

PlayStation 4 "Orbis" and Xbox Next Due in Late 2013, New Report Claims

by Anton Shilov
06/06/2012 | 11:13 PM

Even though the value of standalone video game consoles is decreasing due to various cloud game streaming services and increase of popularity of smartphones and tablets, there is clearly a market for top-notch games and hence consoles. According to a report citing two analysts, who spoke with various publishers during the E3 trade-show, Microsoft Corp. and Sony Corp. will release their next-gen consoles in late 2013.


"[There's a] high probability that PlayStation 4 and/or Xbox 720 will be out in late 2013. Based on various conversations we had at the conference, we believe it is all but a given that either Microsoft or Sony or both will launch their new consoles next year. Publishers [are] excited about PS4 and Xbox 720. Publishers seem to be a lot more excited about the potential for the next consoles from Microsoft and Sony than they are about Nintendo Wii U," said Arvind Bhatia, an analyst with Sterne Agee, reports GamesIndustry International web-site.

The transition to the new generation of video game consoles will be tough for everyone in the industry, but it will be slightly easier for game designers, as the Xbox Next (Loop, Durango) and PlayStation 4 "Orbis" will be easier to program for today than their predecessors were six or seven years ago.

What is important with this transition is that platform holders will have to compete not only against each other and personal computers, but against the PC, cloud game streaming services and two or three mobile platforms comprising of smartphones and tablets. As a result, key features of next-gen consoles will include advanced online services and cross-platform compatibility as well as flexible revenue models.

"Next-gen platform details [are] slowly emerging. Based on our conversations at E3, we continue to expect a late-2013 launch for next-gen Microsoft and Sony platforms. While there will likely be improvements to processing power, speed, and graphics on the new platforms, the most significant innovations may be tight integration with online services, as well as flexible revenue models, such as Free-to-Play, Micro-transactions (services model)," said Colin Sebastian of RW Baird.