Sony to Stop Offering PlayStation Games for PlayStation Certified Devices, Will Rely on Special Content

Sony to Roll Out PlayStation Mobile Platform and Service for PlayStation Certified Devices and PS Vita This Fall

by Anton Shilov
08/15/2012 | 03:30 PM

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) said on Wednesday that it would start the full-scale launch of PlayStation Mobile platform this fall, delivering specially designed games and content to certified devices powered by Google Android operating system. In conjunction with the launch of dedicated content for PlayStation Mobile, the PlayStation games for PlayStation Certified devices will no longer be offered.


Starting this Fall, PlayStation Mobile will be essentially a yet another store for Android-based devices with games created with support of Sony and carrying PlayStation logotypes. SCE promises to not only license PlayStation Certified logos to portable hardware makers, but also provide necessary development support to software designers, which should result in premium user experience typically expected from PlayStation devices..The PlayStation Store will be available for both PS Certified devices as well as PlayStation Vita, hence, there should be a lot of content available eventually for different types of audiences.

While the idea of not offering games designed for PS one game console for Android devices is generally logical, it is doubtful that without a rich portfolio of titles the PlayStation Mobile brand will get traction among the dedicated gamers. One of the reasons why Sony might hope that the PlayStation Store will be successful is because it will be essentially be the only way to deliver digital content to PlayStation Vita. Unless developers specifically limit compatibility of their titles to PS Vita only, they will also become available for PlayStation Certified gadgets. Still, it will take a long time before the PS Store will get a lot of content.

The PlayStation Mobile developer program includes the official version of PlayStation Mobile SDK that will become available to the development community following the launch of the dedicated content for PlayStation Mobile through PlayStation Store. The PlayStation Mobile developer program will allow developers to easily distribute their content through PlayStation Store on a commercial basis and market their games to millions of gamers with PlayStation Certifed devices and PlayStation Vita. The license agreement for the SDK is $99 annually.

In addition to 56 third party developers and publishers in Japan and Europe, a total of 29 developers and publishers across regions including the United States have agreed to develop content for PlayStation Mobile.

As of August 15, 2012, the line-up of PlayStation Certified devices include the HTC One series of smartphones, select members of Xperia family of products from Sony Mobile, Sony Tablet S and Sony Tablet P from Sony Corporation. SCE also announced Asustek Computer  and WikiPad will join the PlayStation Certified license program. The first devices to be certified are Asus Transformer Pad as well as WikiPad tablet.

The service will start in 9 countries including Japan, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Australia with more countries to follow.