Amazon Rejuvenates Kindle E-Book Family with New Models, New Screen Tech

Amazon Debuts Kindle Paperwhite with Unique Front Light Display Technology

by Anton Shilov
09/06/2012 | 06:28 PM

Amazon has refreshed its Kindle family of electronic book readers by introducing two new models, throwing away a couple of outdated ones, lowering the price of the entry-level device and boosting the speed of page turns on all e-book readers. The latest Kindle Paperwhite e-book readers have high-resolution, high-contrast screens along with a bunch of new features for book reading, which makes Amazon call them "the most advanced e-book readers" to date.


“62% more pixels, 25% higher contrast, built-in front light, perfect for bed, perfect for beach, even thinner, 8 weeks of battery life - this is a quantum leap forward and the best Kindle we have ever built by far,” said Jeff Bezos, chief exec of Amazon.

Despite of rapidly growing popularity of media tablets, ABI Research believes that e-book readers will survive as a category since they offer a number of advantages for reading, such as high-contrast screens and long battery life. ABI claims that eleven million e-book readers are projected to be shipped globally in 2012, down from a peak volume in 2011 of fifteen million devices.

The fifth generation Kindle e-book readers - Kindle Paperwhite - relies on a new type of screens with capacitive 2-point multi-touch with 62% more pixels and 25% increased contrast. The new displays features a patented built-in front light for reading in all lighting conditions. Backlit LCD displays direct light up through the display into the user’s eyes. Kindle Paperwhite’s patented front-lit display guides light underneath an anti-glare layer and down toward the display, away from the reader’s eyes. This means a reader can read for hours without eye fatigue or strain. The screen brightness is easily adjusted for reading in any light.

Kindle Paperwhite comes with 2GB of integrated memory, provides up to 8 weeks of battery life, and features thin and light design. Kindle Paperwhite with Wi-Fi costs $119, whereas the version with 3G and Wi-Fi is available for $179.

Amazon also improved the new latest generation Kindle, the lightest and smallest Kindle, with new, improved fonts, faster page turns and an even lower price of $69.