LG Electronics and DMP Join Heterogeneous System Architecture Foundation

LG and DMP Further Enhance HSA Foundation

by Anton Shilov
11/01/2012 | 09:37 AM

Heterogeneous system architecture foundation (HSAF), an industrial organization that promotes heterogeneous processing for a wide range of applications, this week said that Digital Media Professionals (DMP), a leading provider of 2D/3D graphics intellectual property (IP) cores, and LG Electronics, a major consumer electronics company, have joined the foundation.


The new members will further enhance HSA foundation’s abilities to develop new standards and address more markets with heterogeneous processing. HSA targets to push standard based architecture and interface for common computing use cases between CPU and GPU for the effective and hardware accelerated performance and power consumption in next generation compute platforms.

With LG Electronics on board, new possibilities emerge as the fusion of HSA and LG’s current IP bring a whole new level of interactivity for consumers- from home appliances to entertainment systems, the HSA foundation acquires greater depth in the smartphone, tablets, TV, digital cameras, game consoles and even the e-book reader space. This allows for an entire ecosystem of electronics that touch the lives of consumers throughout their day to be enhanced via a common heterogeneous systems architecture.

“We are evaluating the SoC core technology trend and looking at bringing innovative, competitive SoCs to market. Joining the HSA foundation is one of the ways we can continue to innovate SoCs, and I am confident we will achieve fruitful results,” said Seung-Jong Choi, vice president of DTV SoC department, SIC Lab, LG Electronics.

By supporting HSA Foundation initiative DMP wants to accelerate and simplify the application development for the mobile GPGPU platforms to benefit heterogeneous architectures and computing which enables smooth user experience for computer vision, image processing and graphics intensive applications in small consumer devices.

“We are thrilled to join HSA foundation as an active contributor and look forward to working with consortium to push and accelerate the usage of standard heterogeneous architecture in next generation mobile, embedded and consumer devices. We see that supporting the HSA DMP can expand and deepen our touch for application development ecosystem and several vertical industries that will benefit by using DMP graphics IP core for next generation consumer devices,” said Tatsuo Yamamoto, chief executive of DMP.