Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals: Stereo-3D TVs

Full-HD S3D TVs Now Start at $500

by Anton Shilov
11/23/2012 | 12:42 PM

This year we decided not to publish a fully-fledged Black Friday-related article, but instead release several news-stories covering hot prices on popular products. Please note that in many cases Black Friday prices are valid in online stores from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Nonetheless, some offerings are limited in time or quantities the retailer/e-tailer has.


Stereoscopic 3D technology becomes a default feature for more or less advanced HDTVs these days. Moreover, Blu-ray 3D movies are finally more or less widespread, which signals that this time stereo-3D actually became a standard for home entertainment, despite of many odds. Quite naturally, retailers use them as doorbusters with eye-catching pricing, whereas online stores just offer attractive deals.

Since the transition of the mainstream users to full high-definition still has not ended completely, S3D HDTVs are still somewhat exotic, despite of the fact that they are getting more affordable compared to the previous years. Moreover, there are no stereo-3D TV-channels, which further slowdowns their popularity. Nonetheless, since S3D is a feature of all high-quality TVs these days and on Black Friday and Cyber Monday it is possible to get one of such devices with a huge discount, why not just do it?

Here is the list of Black Friday-special full-HD stereo-3D televisions which price or capabilities seem to be interesting:

It is interesting to note that this year’s Black Friday S3D HDTV deals are not dramatically better than the deals from 2011. To some extent, S3D remains a premium feature and therefore TV makers install other leading-edge technologies into stereo-3D TVs, which ensures that such TVs continue to feature very high margins. At the same time, this somewhat slowdowns adoption of 3D television sets among mainstream customers.