Microsoft Chooses Between E3 and Devoted Event for Xbox Next Launch - Report

Microsoft Mulls Unveiling Xbox Next at E3 2013 or at Dedicated Event – Report

by Anton Shilov
11/30/2012 | 01:50 PM

Microsoft Corp. plans to release its next-generation Xbox video game console for the holiday season next year, a yet another media report claims. The company is apparently so confident in its new system and the timeframe of its physical release that at present it is mulling whether to formally unveil it at the E3 trade-show or at a dedicated event.


Bloomberg news-agency on Friday reported citing two sources that Microsoft is on track to release the next version of its Xbox video-game machine in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas sales in 2013. What the software giant is reportedly not sure about is whether to formally reveil the new Xbox at an industry event such as the E3 show in June, or a separate event dedicated solely to the console, according to a source.

Microsoft did not comment on the news-story.

Microsoft projects the Xbox Next (also known as Loop, Durango and 720) as the center of the digital entertainment for the future, according to information released unofficially earlier this year. The console itself is expected to feature six times higher compute performance than the Xbox 360, Blu-ray optical disc drive, compatibility with X360 titles and numerous other innovations. Microsoft wants Xbox 720 to be able to render games in 1920*1080 resolution in stereoscopic 3D mode, hence, the hardware under the hood should be very powerful even by today's standards.

The key thing about the Xbox Next is not its hardware that processes data, but its ability to connect to many different sensors and peripherals, including augmented reality glasses, Kinect v1 and v2 motion sensors, various advanced controllers and many more. Microsoft is expected to position the Xbox 720 as the only "box" needed in the living room for premium experience, therefore it is natural to expect very broad feature-set of the product, including digital video recorder capabilities, remote server capability to stream video games to any device, very sophisticated Xbox TV service (to get rid of set-top-boxes) and many more.

Microsoft's ultimate long-term plan is to not only to make gaming even more immersive and interactive as well as to make Xbox experience available on any device, but to also use various mobile technologies to create contextual applications that utilize real time information from the Internet and from various sensors that enhance physical world.