Nintendo Wii U Will Not Become Hardcore Gamers’ Darling – Analyst

Research Analyst Believes Nintendo Set to Become Irrelevant in Coming Years

by Anton Shilov
12/06/2012 | 11:33 PM

In many ways, Nintendo Wii U game console is a step into the right direction for Nintendo as it brings the company’s platform forwards when it comes to quality of video games. However, given the inevitable launch of next-generation game consoles from Microsoft Corp. and Sony Corp. next year, the Wii U will hardly become the favourite game console for hardcore gamers, believes a well-known research analyst.


While Nintendo Wii has managed to outsell both Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 in terms of unit sales thanks to its affordable price and positioning for wide audiences, the platform now is just extremely behind its direct rivals in many ways. Without high-definition graphics, robust Internet services and support for modern video games, Wii is simply irrelevant by today’s standards. The Wii U clearly brings HD graphics and support for leading video game franchises, but that is not enough for long-term prosperity, claims Michael Pachter.

“I think Nintendo becomes completely irrelevant [in the next few years]. They have their niche, Nintendo's first-party content is great content, and hardcore people will keep buying their consoles, but they are not going to only play with Nintendo consoles,” said Michael Pachter, a research analyst at Wedbush Morgan, at the Digital Game Monetization Summit, reports Games Industry web-site.

The next-generation game consoles from Microsoft and Sony will set up new standards for visual quality and many other aspects of video games next year, which will automatically make Wii U outdated. In a short period after that, Wii U is going to become as irrelevant as Wii is today.

While Nintendo claims that its new tablet-like Wii U controller is a game-changer as it provides unique experience, both Microsoft and Sony can enable similar experiences using third-party smartphones, tablets or even PlayStation Vita portable consoles for select titles, essentially eliminating Nintendo’s main trump.