Tobii Technology to Demo Consumer-Class Eye Tracking and Gaze Interaction System

Tobii Rex: World’s First Consumer Peripheral for Gaze Interaction, to be Unveiled at CES

by Anton Shilov
01/02/2013 | 09:19 PM

Tobii Technology, a leader in eye tracking and gaze interaction, will unveil Tobii Rex at the Consumer Electronics Show next week in Las Vegas. Tobii Rex is the world’s first gaze interaction computer peripheral for the consumer market that enables users to control the computer by combining their eye gaze with other controls, such as touch, mouse and keyboard.


“We believe gaze interaction is going to be the next major advancement in mainstream computer interface. Tobii has been driving innovations in eye tracking for more than a decade, and we are excited and honored to be able to bring this first integration of eye tracking into a product for tech-enthusiast consumers,” said Henrik Eskilsson, chief executive officer of Tobii Technology.

Tobii Rex is a new computer peripheral product that adds Tobii Gaze features to any Windows 8 PC. Tobii Rex adheres easily to the bottom of any desktop computer screen and plugs into the computer by USB connection. Tobii Rex adds core Tobii Gaze functionality integrated to work in combination with other controls, such as touch, mouse and keyboard.

Tobii Rex eye and gaze tracking sensors for desktops and notebooks

At CES, Tobii will demonstrate some of the core concepts of Tobii Gaze: Gaze Select, Gaze Scroll, Gaze Zoom and Gaze Navigate. The Tobii Gaze concepts are using Tobii’s pioneering eye-tracking technology. By adding Tobii Gaze to existing controls, such as the keyboard, touchpad and mouse, the user experience is fundamentally transformed. Tobii Gaze reduces a majority of the fuss of moving the mouse pointer around and makes the computer interaction faster, more intuitive and more fun.

Laptop equipped with Tobii Rex sensors

“An important step in preparing for the launch of a consumer peripheral is to expand our partner program for software developers. Together with pioneering software developers, we look forward to launching a device that will totally transform the core experience of computer interaction and open up a whole area for new software applications,” said Mr. Eskilsson. 

Tobii Rex Developer Edition is available now for software developers who want to discover exciting ways to add the benefits of Tobii Gaze to existing applications or create innovative new software solutions. The developer edition is $995 and can be ordered online. By joining the Tobii Gaze Partner Program, developers get access to Tobii Rex, Tobii Gaze Interaction SDK and other support materials needed to quickly get started.

Display with Tobii Rex sensors

Tobii will be making 5000 Tobii Rex peripherals available for consumer purchase by fall 2013. Consumers can sign up now to receive a Tobii Rex VIP preorder invitation, which Tobii anticipates will be distributed in spring 2013.

“Within the next couple of years we expect gaze interaction to be everywhere in consumer electronics. We expect some of our manufacturing partners to be making versions of this peripheral available to mass-market consumers in 2014, and by 2015 we anticipate Tobii Gaze will be integrated into mainstream computers,” said Carl Korobkin, vice president of Tobii Technology North America.