Sony PlayStation 4 to Feature Game Controller with Capacitive TouchPad

Sony Develops New Controller for Next-Generation PlayStation

by Anton Shilov
01/25/2013 | 01:09 PM

Ever since the launch of the original PlayStation in 1994, Sony Computer Entertainment has preserved the same basic controller design, but added functionality like motion-sensing or vibrating feedback. According to a new report, along with the PlayStation 4 the company will introduce a new controller that will, among other things, feature a touchpad.


In general, the design and features of the new controller will remain similar to the traditional PS controllers – expect face buttons, two thumbsticks and shoulder triggers – but with one significant addition: a capacitive touchpad that can recognize two-point multi-touch, reports Kotaku web-site. In theory, capacitive touchpad can be installed not only on the front side of the controller, but also on the backside, just like on the PlayStation Vita, which should theoretically allow PS4 owners to play at least some of the games for the portable console.

At present it is hard to imagine how a touchpad can improve video games developed for non-portable game console, but eventually game developers will likely take advantage of it somehow, especially for simplistic titles that should run on any PlayStation device (e.g., certified mobile gadgets from Sony, PS Vita, PS4).  It is interesting to note that some other rumours suggested that the new controller for the PS4 will feature a touchscreen, but those do not seem truly credible as touchscreens are quite expensive.

The controller is also projected to feature “share” button, which may have something to do with social capabilities of the new gaming platform. The new PlayStation 4 “Orbis” controller will feature motion-sensing and haptic feedback capability, therefore, it will clearly substitute the previous-generation Dual Shock 3 controller and will provide some new experiences thanks to new input options.

Sony did not comment on the news-story.