Microsoft Xbox Next to Feature New Kinect Hardware, Intelligent Speech Recognition

Next-Gen Xbox and Kinect to Support Better Sensors, Siri-Like Technology

by Anton Shilov
02/07/2013 | 10:15 PM

Microsoft Corp. plans to introduce an all-new Kinect motion sensor and substantially improve its speech recognition system of the next-generation Xbox video game console. The new system will support wake on voice, natural language controls, and speech-to-text capabilities. It is unclear how the new Apple Siri-like feature will improve video games, but it will clearly have an impact on other entertainment features Xbox provides.


Microsoft Xbox Next is expected to come with an all-new Kinect sensor that be more reliably responsive, according to the Edge Online web-site. The new Kinect v2 sensor is projected to support improved depth sensor with resolution that exceeds 640*480, better RGB camera as well as enhanced motion-sensing technology that tracks more than 48 points of movement on the human body and/or at over 30 frames per second (which is crucial for smooth movements in action games).

Microsoft is also projected to improve speech recognition of the next-generation game console, reports The Verge web-site. Users will be able to wake up Xbox by saying “Xbox on”, the console will also understand enquiries made in natural language, much like Apple Siri does. Quite naturally, the enhanced speech recognition and better interaction with Kinect will substantially simplify interaction with services provided by Xbox Live, such as Xbox TV, as it will be easy to pause or resume playback by leaving room, returning to room, or by saying “pause” or “resume”.

Microsoft is projected to formally unleash its Xbox code-named Durango no later than by the middle of the year. Some sources suggest that the console will be unveiled at the E3 trade-show in June, other believe that Microsoft will organize a special event to introduce its long-awaited new Xbox.

Microsoft did not comment on the news-story.