Microsoft to Reveal First Official Xbox Next Details in April – Report

Microsoft and Partners Begins Preparations for Xbox Next Event

by Anton Shilov
02/22/2013 | 11:30 AM

Microsoft Corp., which is rumoured to launch its next-generation game console this year, has reportedly started preparations for an official unveiling of the next-generation Xbox system. The event is expected to take place in April and recently a Microsoft contract event planner has registered a domain name that is believed to be used to register attendees.


The world’s largest software developer is now projected to show the Xbox Next game console code-named “Durango” at a “one-off media event in early April”, reports CVG web-site. In the meantime, Eventcore, a Microsoft partner that helped to organize Xbox-related media events in the past, this week registered domain name, which may signals that the preparations have started.

Keeping in mind that Game Developers Conference, one of the most important trade-shows for the video game industry, takes place in March, 2013, it is impossible to imagine that the company’s executives and engineers do not talk about the Xbox Next at the show, at least behind closed doors.

For Microsoft, it is crucial to announce the Xbox Next console as soon as possible because gamers’ confidence in the future of the platform in general results into better sales of existing consoles, the Xbox 360.

Microsoft Xbox Next “Durango” is expected to be architecturally similar to the PlayStation 4. It is believed that the future Xbox will be powered by AMD Fusion custom-designed system-on-chip with eight x86 low-power/low-cost Jaguar cores, AMD Radeon HD graphics with GCN architecture as well as 8GB of DDR3 system memory. The console is projected to feature hard disk drive, Blu-ray disc drive as well as robust Xbox Live online service.

Microsoft did not comment on the news-story.