Sony to Let $0.99 Games for PlayStation 4 to Enter the Market

Sony Changes Attitude Towards Low-Cost Games for Consoles

by Anton Shilov
02/22/2013 | 03:55 PM

For a number of years Sony Computer Entertainment has criticized low-cost video games for smartphones and tablets, claiming that their quality deserves better and that multi-hour experience of high-end console titles must be preserved in order to keep the value of the dedicated platforms. With the arrival of PlayStation 4 the company seems to change its mind.


During an interview with CNBC, the head of Sony Computer Entertainment America, Jack Tretton, said that the PS4 game console will support both low-cost $0.99 titles as well as high-end $60 games. Not only the boss of SCEA does not expect the price of high-end games to increase, but he also projects low-cost titles to be available and be valuable enough to even mention.

"I think people are willing to play if they see the value there. I think there is more choice than ever for consumers. We are going to welcome free-to-play models. [Paid titles] will range from $0.99 up to those $60 games,” said Jack Tretton, reports CVG web-site.

Screenshot from Infinity Blade, a premium title for Apple iOS

Earlier, the attitude of SCE towards its consoles was that they were designed for core gamers, those who walk through multi-hour titles which cost $50 to $60 and cost tens of millions in development. It looks like nowadays the perception of the company has somewhat shifted. Nonetheless, Sony still knows exactly where the core gamer is.

“If you really see where the heat is for the true gamer, it is on the console. It is still that big-form experience,” said Mr. Tretton.

While Sony seems to be interested in $0.99 games, it is unclear whether gamers who play such titles are interested in the PlayStation 4. Sony has yet to disclose pricing of the PS4 console as well as a number of other things in order to actually reveal the new platform from different angles.