Nintendo Quickly Loses Support of Game Developers – Survey of Game Designers

Only 6.5% of Video Game Developers Plan to Work on Nintendo Wii U Games

by Anton Shilov
02/28/2013 | 11:53 PM

Video game consoles from Nintendo are the least popular gaming platforms among video game developers, according to the Game Developers Conference's 2013 state of the industry survey. At present, only 6.47% of polled game designers plan to work on titles for Wii U and only 2.8% of developers intend to create games for 3DS. While platforms from Microsoft Corp. and Sony Corp. are much more popular, they are dramatically behind tablets and smartphones.


The Game Developers Conference polled more than 2500 North American game developers who attended the conference in 2012 or plan to attend GDC 2013 in March about their development practices, revealing several notable trends with regards to platforms, money, team sizes and more, reports Gamasutra web-site. A key finding of the survey is that independent game development and smaller teams are on the rise: 53% of the respondents identified themselves as “indie developers”, of those, 51% have been developers for less than two years. Moreover, 46% of the survey’s respondents work within companies of ten people or less.

Among dedicated video game consoles, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Xbox Next “Durango” seems to be the most prospective platforms for game developers with Sony PlayStation 3 and 4 trailing only a little behind. 11.3% of game developers intend to design for the Xbox Next and 10.8% of polled game creators plan to develop for the PlayStation 4. By contrast, only 6.47% of game specialists are interested in making new titles for Nintendo Wii U.

It is not a secret that smartphones, tablets and similar gaming platforms are becoming extremely popular among consumers, no surprising that 58.4% of developers are working on titles for Apple iOS- and Google Android-based mobile gadgets and only 5% intend to create games for PlayStation Vita. The interest towards Nintendo 3DS is even lower with only 2.8% of respondents plan to develop software for the platform.

While it is clear that the number of game developers that have influence on the market of video games is small and there is a couple of hundreds of teams that actually matter, the trend is hardly good for Nintendo. While the company has traditionally sold massive quantities of first-party titles, with Wii U the firm pinned a lot of hopes on third-party game makers. Unfortunately, it does not look like Nintendo managed to attract attention of independent designers.