Apple and Beats Audio in Talks About New Music Service

Apple May Partner with Beats Audio over Streaming Music Service

by Anton Shilov
03/05/2013 | 11:41 PM



Chief executive officer of Apple and the chief of Internet products of the company recently met with Jimmy Iovine, chief executive of Beats Audio, to discuss the company’s initiative called project Daisy unveiled earlier this year. While the meeting was “informational”, the potential for a collaboration between two companies remains logical.

Apple has been broadly reported to be considering a music-streaming service to complement iTunes, the largest online music store in the world. Beats Audio announced plans to launch an appropriate service earlier this year, but did not reveal any significant details about the project code-named Daisy. There is a possibility that Apple and Bears will work on the service together, reports Reuters news-agency.

Beats Audio is a partner of HTC Corp., a major Apple rival, therefore, it is unclear whether and how Beats can work with the Cupertino, California, over a major new business project that is supposed to become a significant revenue stream.

Apple and Beats did not comment on the news-story.