Nintendo Looking At Cross-Platform Gaming Features for Wii U and 3DS

Nintendo Exploring Cross-Platform Gaming Technologies, Has Nothing to Announce

by Anton Shilov
03/12/2013 | 11:52 PM

Both Microsoft Corp. and Sony Corp. have attempted to bring certain cross-platform capabilities for their home video game consoles as well as mobile platforms. Xbox Live content delivery system in available on both Xbox 360 and Windows Phone platforms. Sony offers numerous cross-platform features between PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. As it appears, while Nintendo has been exploring cross-platform technologies for a while, it still has nothing to announce.


“We have been giving a lot of thought to [cross-platform capabilities] and connectivity itself is something that we have been working on for many years [since GameCube and Gameboy Advance times]. The problem then, of course, was that you had some people who might have both systems, but many people did not. So the connectivity features were something that couldn't be enjoyed by all players,” said Shigeru Miyamoto, a legendary video game designer and producer from Nintendo, in an interview with Polygon web-site.

Mr. Miyamoto claims that with Nintendo Wii U gamers already have second screen for gaming, which enhances user experience. However, it is impossible to play 3DS video games on big-screen HDTVs using Wii U console, like it is possible for select titles for PlayStation platform; it is also impossible to stream Wii U games to 3DS consoles, like it is possible for select PS3 titles and should be possible for numerous PS4 games.

“[Second screen] was really our drive and focus with creating Wii U and the Gamepad. It was enabling that second screen to be something that was a part of the system itself, so that people were able to have the full experience there. Separate from how the GamePad and Wii U are leveraging some of those connectivity ideas, we're also exploring how Nintendo 3DS can connect to Wii U and different ways that we have data exchanges between those two,” explained Mr. Miyamoto.


Even though Nintendo is working on certain cross-platform features that would leverage connectivity between 3DS and Wii U, it does not want to discuss them.

 “So while we do not currently have anything that we can talk about officially that is going to leverage cross-play with a single title, we are looking at different ways to leverage the 3DS connection with the Wii U; how we can share that data and how we can allow people to take advantage of those sorts of connectivity features," said the video game designer.