Futuremark Introduces 3DMark for Google Android Devices

3DMark Now Available for Google Android

by Anton Shilov
04/02/2013 | 11:58 PM

Futuremark on Tuesday reveled the long-anticipated version of 3DMark benchmark for Google Android operating system. The Android version of 3DMark includes everything needed to accurately benchmark the performance of Android smartphones and tablets. Besides the results obtained in the benchmark can be compared to other platforms.


Developed in cooperation with Imagination Technologies, Intel, Broadcom, Nvidia, Qualcomm, and other world-class companies, 3DMark is a benchmark for over 1000 Android devices. What's more, 3DMark can be used to test the performance of devices running Android, iOS, Windows and Windows RT, and understand how new devices compare with the alternatives.

Millions of PC gamers use 3DMark to tests the limits of their hardware. Now 3DMark is ready for a new generation of mobile gamers. Available today on Android and Windows, and coming soon to Windows RT and Apple's iOS, 3DMark is the cross-platform performance benchmark for all your devices.

The Android version of 3DMark includes two benchmarks, both based on OpenGL ES 2.0:

3DMark is available worldwide as a free download for Android devices. 3DMark is also available for Windows PCs and is coming soon to Apple iOS and Windows RT.