Microsoft Working on Touch-Enabled Watch Device - Report

Microsoft Follows Apple and Samsung, with Smartwatch Product Development

by Anton Shilov
04/15/2013 | 07:54 PM

Microsoft Corp. has begun working on interactive smart watches device, according to a media report. The touch-enable watches will compete against similar devices from companies like Apple and Samsung and will be among the first truly mass wearable computing devices compatible with Windows eco-system.


The world’s largest software company is developing designs for a touch-enabled watch device, according at component have reportedly told the Wall Street Journal. Earlier this year Microsoft's research and development team ordered several suppliers select components for a potential watch-style smart device. It is unclear what exactly the software giant ordered. 

This is not the first time when a report citing component suppliers reveals current R&D intentions of Microsoft or other companies. Usually, it is unclear whether the research and development project will result into an actual product and when, given that at present Microsoft is on an early stage of research.

Interactive wrist-watches are supposed to be companions for smartphones and media tablets. It is logical to expect smart watch to feature media player controls, information updates, calendar, compass, reminders, NFC payment system and other functions that do not require a lot of screen real-estate. A lot of users will also appreciate custom apps for such devices.

Wearable electronics gadgets are among the main trends of 2012, it appears. Google and LG Electronics are developing their augmented reality glasses. Numerous other companies, including, but not limited to Apple, LG and Samsung are working on interactive wrist watches.

Microsoft did not comment on the news-story.