Microsoft May Call Next-Generation Xbox Video Game Console “Xbox Infinity” – Rumour

Microsoft Third-Generation Entertainment Console May Be Called “Xbox Infinity”

by Anton Shilov
04/30/2013 | 09:58 PM

If a rumour that was spread late last week and which has never been firmly denied by Microsoft Corp. is to be believed, then the next-generation video game system from the software giant is to be called Xbox Infinity. Keeping in mind the fact that the Xbox Next console is much more than another gaming system, Xbox Infinity name seems to be a logical one.


A person, presumably with knowledge of Microsoft’s internal plans, has posted a logotype of the Xbox Infinity at Reddit web-site and claimed these were the brand-name and the logo of the Xbox Next currently known as Durango. Since this is not the first time when the Infinity name is mentioned alongside the third-generation Xbox and the fact that one of the code-names of the console was “Loop”, the Infinity may easily become the final name for the device.

Microsoft plans to formally unveil the Xbox Next on Tuesday May 21st, 2013. Microsoft is already sending invitations to the event to members of the press, game developers, market analysts and other parties. Among the headliners of the event are Don Mattrick, the president of the interactive entertainment business unit at Microsoft, as well as other members of the Xbox team.

On the 21st of May the world’s largest software developer will likely share details about the hardware behind the Xbox Next and Kinect 2, interactive and social entertainment capabilities of the new platform as well as new Xbox Live features. In addition, the firm will probably discuss some of the eye-catching titles from first-party and third-party studios. However, the company will hold some details about the console and its lineup of games will the E3 trade-show in June, 2013.

“19-days later at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, we will continue the conversation and showcase our full lineup of blockbuster games,” the statement by Microsoft reads.

An invitation to the Xbox Next event sent to press and analysts.

Microsoft Xbox Next “Durango” is expected to be architecturally similar to the PlayStation 4. It is believed that the future Xbox will be powered by AMD Fusion custom-designed system-on-chip with eight x86 low-power/low-cost Jaguar cores, AMD Radeon HD graphics with GCN architecture as well as 8GB of DDR3 system memory. The console is projected to feature hard disk drive, Blu-ray disc drive as well as robust Xbox Live online service. It is believed that Microsoft Xbox “Durango” has lower-performance graphics sub-system as well as slower memory sub-system when compared to Sony PS4. Microsoft is projected to install Xbox 360 core-logic into the new console to maintain backwards compatibility with current games.

An analysis of what is known about the Xbox Next clearly points to the fact that Microsoft had put a great deal of attention to make the Durango a high-quality general-purpose device for the living room, while compromising some of the gaming-related aspects (e.g., graphics performance). The video games for the Microsoft Xbox Next will clearly look better and feel better than titles developed for the Xbox 360 simply because of the eight-year gap in technologies under the hoods of the systems. However, only time will show how future-proof will be Microsoft’s Durango console for the core gamers who demand improvements of titles throughout the active lifetime of the console that could span for eight years, as in the case of the Xbox 360.

Microsoft did not comment on the specs of the console.