Electronic Arts: We Will Have Ultimate Lineup of Video Games for Next-Gen Console

Electronic to Discuss Lineups for Next-Gen Consoles at E3 Trade-Show

by Anton Shilov
05/13/2013 | 08:53 PM

Electronic Arts, a leading video game publisher, said it would discuss its forthcoming titles for the next-generation of game consoles at the E3 trade-show in June. The company noted that it would offer a number of new installments of its strong franchises for the forthcoming consoles, which not only confirms availability of both Microsoft Xbox Next and Sony PlayStation 4 this year, but also means that the publisher believes in their success.


“[The most] important [priority for us] is to ensure EA is well positioned to deliver the best games and services on the next-generation consoles. Over the years, we've learned how great games delivered early in the cycle of a new platform can build strong and enduring relationships with our audience. This transition will determine market leadership for the rest of the decade, and we intend to win over consumers with world-class entertainment experiences,” said Lawrence Probst, executive chairman of Electronic Arts, during a quarterly conference call with financial analysts.

It is pretty obvious that Nintendo Wii U with its limited sales and low performance did not attract attention that large publishers need for their AAA titles, which development may cost some $100 million a year. With Microsoft Xbox Infinity and Sony PlayStation 4 everything is projected to be different. The company will have a three new versions of their popular franchises, including Battlefield 4, Command and Conquer as well as an all-new Need for Speed in addition to various sports titles and games from Incomniac and Fuse. The lineup of next-gen titles will be released at the E3 trade-show.

“Regarding next-generation consoles, we are under a nondisclosure agreement with our platform partners. However, we are planning a full reveal at E3, including more next-generation titles in development for fiscal 2014,” said Frank Gibeau, the president of the EA Labels.

Being obliged not to talk about peculiarities of the next-gen consoles, EA management could not reveal exactly what will drive the success of the future gaming platforms. However, the executive chairman of EA did admit that the upcoming transition will have many similarities with previous generations of gaming hardware.

“Obviously these next-generation consoles are going to be more powerful and deliver more exciting and more fulfilling entertainment experiences. Obviously, these are companies that we have worked with historically and have good relationships with. So, I think, [there will be] a lot of similarities to previous transitions. We are excited about it. As I said in my earlier comments, we think it is really important to get out of the box quickly with a portfolio of products that will drive market share for us and hopefully delight our consumers. So we are looking forward to it, and we think we're going to have a great reveal at E3,” said Lawrence Probst.