Sony PlayStation 4 Games Will Have Mandatory Support for Remote Play

Games for PlayStation 4 Will Be Required to Work on PlayStation Vita Remotely

by Anton Shilov
05/29/2013 | 08:21 PM

While PlayStation Vita already has a number of high-quality titles that offer better gameplay compared to games developed for other mobile platforms, it will gain another huge boost later this year as all games developed for the PlayStation 4 will be required to support remote play on PS Vita. As a result, for owners of the PS4 it will be possible to play next-gen titles on the mobile game console.


“Unless the game requires specific hardware like camera, [all PS4 games will support Remote Play feature on mandatory basis],” said Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Worldwide Studios, on Twitter, reports TheNextWeb web-site.

Remote Play technology will allow to stream PlayStation 4 games using Wi-Fi (or eventually high-speed WWAN) network to PlayStation Vita, which greatly expands amount of games accessible on the mobile platform at home. It is also Sony’s long-term vision is to make most PS4 titles playable on PS Vita through cloud streaming. Obviously, the mandatory of the new technology will also greatly increase the value of owning both PS Vita and PlayStation 4.

Other cross-platform features that Sony’s platforms provide are cross-controller, cross-play (for select titles), cross-save and cross-goods.

Sony PlayStation 4 will also support second-screens with the help of mobile devices, including PlayStation Vita portable game console as well as various gadgets based on Apple iOS as well as Google Android operating systems.