Sony Sacrificed Motion-Sensing Camera to Offer Lower Launch Price of PlayStation 4 - Report

Sony Dropped Motion-Sensing Camera from PS4 Bundle to Beat Microsoft on Price

by Anton Shilov
06/26/2013 | 11:12 PM

Sony Computer Entertainment has intentionally dropped its motion-sensing camera originally known as PlayStation 4 Eye from the PS4 launch bundle in order to offer price below that of Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox One. While the move clearly allowed Sony to get a lot of applauds from potential customers, reducing the feature-set of the console may eventually play a bad joke with the platform.


Both Microsoft’s third-generation Xbox as well as Sony’s PlayStation 4 are based on semi-custom AMD Fusion system-on-chips with eight Jaguar general-purpose x86 cores, AMD Radeon HD GCN architecture-derived graphics processors and other special-purpose hardware units. Both consoles will have hard disk drives as well as Blu-ray disc drives. In general, the manufacturing cost of both consoles should be comparable (PS4 uses more expensive DDR4 memory, but Xbox One has some additional multimedia-related logic inside). Microsoft Xbox One will come with bundled Kinect 2 motion sensor and will cost $499 at launch. By contrast, Sony will not include PlayStation Camera with the PS4, which will be sold separately at $59, but will sell the console for $399.

As it appears, Sony did want to bundle the camera initially, but in the months prior to the E3 announcement the company decided to exclude the camera and drop the launch price to $399, reports IGN. While Sony will be able to potentially sell more game consoles initially, eventually it will face a problem of fragmentation.

By far not all PlayStation 4 systems will feature the camera, which is why game developers will likely be reluctant to design games that rely on the device. Essentially, Sony is dropping a function of the PS4 in order to reduce its launch price. By contrast, every single Microsoft Xbox One will come with Kinect 2 motion sensor, which means that every developer can take advantage of motion-sensing device.

Perhaps, Sony has a killer PS4 app for the PlayStation Camera that can persuade both gamers and developers to buy the sensor and develop for the sensor. Unfortunately, the probability of this seems to be quite low.

Sony did not comment on the news-story.