Sony PlayStation 4 Relies on FreeBSD Operating System – Report

Sony’s PS4 Uses FreeBSD-Derived Operating System

by Anton Shilov
06/24/2013 | 11:46 PM

Sony Computer Entertainment’s forthcoming PlayStation 4 video game console uses an operating system that is heavily based on FreeBSD. The deeply customized operating system is meant to provide Sony with maximum flexibility and potentially significantly enhance the console’s functionality over time.


The operating system of Sony PlayStation 4 is called “Orbis OS” and it is a significantly modified version of FreeBSD 9.0, reports VGLeaks web-site. According to Phoronix web-site, it is better to use FreeBSD rather than Linux for x86-64 architecture-based machine, besides, FreeBSD has more liberal licensing policy.

Usage of FreeBSD is a little harder than usage of other types of operating systems since AMD has rather limited support for BSD OSes: there are no official Catalyst driver for any BSD and the open-source driver ported from Linux with Radeon KMS and Gallium3D is still in a primitive state. In theory, it means that Sony had to design its own drivers for the PS4.

SCE did not comment on the news-story.