NanoTech Develops 4K Media Players Based on Nvidia Tegra 4 Application Processor

NanoTech NP-1, NP-C Media Players Use Nvidia Tegra 4K System-on-Chips

by Anton Shilov
07/17/2013 | 11:50 PM

NanoTech Entertainment this week announced it had selected the Nvidia Tegra 4 mobile processor as the basis for its new 4K Ultra HD media players. The new player will run Google Android operating system and will feature rich set of capabilities beyond video playback. What is unclear is from where the new Nuvola4K media players are supposed to get ultra high-definition video content from.


"After evaluating the market and looking at the competitive landscape, the decision to upgrade our processor to Nvidia’s Tegra 4 was simple. Tegra 4 offers native 4K video support in hardware, including support for security and digital rights management with features including HDCP. Beyond 4K, the power of the Nvidia processor helps us deliver a world-class experience with games, web browsing and a variety of other optimized apps,” said Jeffrey A. Foley, chief executive officer of NanoTech.

Nanotech NP-1 media player

NanoTech NP-1 and NP-C player (also known as Nuvola4K) is based on Nvidia Tegra 4 application processor (four ARM Cortex-A15 cores, custom GeForce graphics engine with 72 stream processors and advanced video engine) and is equipped with 16GB of NAND flash storage, dual-band 802.11n 2*2 MIMO Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports, microSD card slot as well as HDMI 1.4 output. The device supports streaming video in 4K Ultra HD (3840*2160), HD (1920*1080) and SD (720*480) resolutions in MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, OOG and H.264 formats. The player is based on Google Android 4.2 “Jelly Bean” and comes with several pre-installed video apps, including NanoTech Video Player, NetFlix, Hulu, Fun Little Movies, VODWiz, Amazon Prime, YouTube, IMDB, NanoTales and XBMC.

The Nuvola NP-1 and NP-C supports current 4K UltraHD video using the H.264 compression, and will be automatically updated with the latest H.265 (HEVC) codecs as they become available.

“Tegra 4 provides enormous processing power and realistic graphics to set top boxes. Its optimized video capabilities, TegraZone games and Miracast support will allow these TVconnected devices to deliver a whole range of home entertainment experiences that are second to none,” said Glenn Schuster, director of technical marketing for the mobile business at Nvidia.

In addition to the native 4K Ultra HD video support, Tegra 4 allows the Nuvola to deliver ultrafast web browsing, significantly improved app load times, and the most realistic gaming experiences from any media player on the market. NanoTech will also offer wireless keyboard and gamepad accessories for the NP1 and NP-C.

Nanotech NP-C media player

NanoTech is now taking pre-orders for the Nuvola family of products. Consumers will be able to order the Nuvola, and other NanoTech consumer products from Amazon later this month. NanoTech will also be rolling out its own corporate retail outlets at select shopping malls across the United States, starting with the San Jose, California location, opening in August.

“We are extremely excited about the move to the best mobile processor available for this market. The Nuvola product line is helping us to continue our strategy of expanding our TV offerings and deliver the Future of Television. The move of our sales force into the retail channel will also help us establish our brand, beyond the high exposure that we have already generated with this product line. We will soon be announcing more product and retail partners, both domestic and international,” said Mr. Foley.