Nintendo Wii U Quarterly Sales Total 160 Thousand Units

Quarterly Shipments of Nintendo Wii U Remain Dramatically Low

by Anton Shilov
07/31/2013 | 11:35 PM

Without any doubts, sales of Nintendo Wii U were low during its launch window, but it seems like they were considerably better than shipments of the video game system in the most recent months, based on Nintendo’s financial report. As it appears, the firm only managed to sell 160 thousand of game consoles worldwide from early April to late June, a disastrously low number. 


During the FY2012, the company shipped 3.45 million Wii U game console units, which was lower than 5.5 million expected originally and 4 million projected back in January, 2013. Still, this was not the lowest point where Nintendo could get as from April 1 to June 30 shipments of Wii U game systems totaled 160 thousand units worldwide. As a result, life-to-date sales of Nintendo Wii U are 3.61 million.

It is interesting to note that Nintendo remains generally optimistic about the destiny of Wii U and expects its shipments to total 9 million units this fiscal year, which ends on March 30, 2014.

“For the Wii U system, we will attempt to concentrate on proactively releasing key first-party titles from the second half of this year through next year to regain momentum for the platform. […] Moreover, Nintendo strives to improve the sales by communicating the compelling nature of our hardware and software to as many people as possible through our new network service called Miiverse, which offers an environment where people can empathise with others and share their gaming experiences. We also strive to improve hardware profitability by reducing its costs,” a statement by Nintendo reads.

For a number of times Nintendo said that it would not cut pricing of Nintendo Wii U to boost sales. However, due to low adoption of the platform a number of game developers have already cancelled Wii U versions of their titles or decided not to make them exclusively for the console.

Nintendo Wii U is based on a custom triple IBM Power 750 "Espresso" 1.24GHz microprocessor equipped with 1GB of system memory as well as a modern custom AMD Radeon HD "Latte" graphics processing unit with high-definition graphics and video support that is equipped with 1GB of graphics memory. The consoles come with 32GB or 8GB of NAND flash storage and an optical drive to read custom 25GB discs.

The main feature of the game console is its unique Wii U GamePad controller with 6.2" touch-screen that also features an accelerometer and a gyroscope, a rumble feature, an inward-facing camera, a microphone and speakers that can be used to play both classic Gamecube/Wii games as well as specially designed titles that take advantage of the screen. Each Wii U console will be partnered with a new controller and can also use up to four additional Wii Remote or Wii Remote Plus controllers. The system is also backward compatible and can play all Wii games and use all Wii accessories.

In the U.S., the Wii U basic bundle is priced at $299, the premium bundle is available for $349. In Europe, the basic white version is sold for €299/£249, while the deluxe black carries €349/£299 price-tag. In Japan, the white and black Wii U cost ¥26250 and ¥31500, respectively.