Over 30% of Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watches Return to Stores

Samsung Galaxy Gear Suffers 30% Return Rate in the U.S.

by Anton Shilov
10/29/2013 | 09:13 PM

Although Samsung Galaxy Gear is one of the promising devices released this year, it looks like customers not necessarily like it. According to unofficial information, return rate of Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch in the U.S. is about 30%, which means that one out of three devices sold is returned to a store.


A lot of Best Buy locations in the U.S. also feature Samsung mini-stores with educated personnel that should help customers to choose the right products from the company or just educate end-users about novelties on the market. Quite naturally, the company added its long-anticipated Galaxy Gear smartwatch to the list of products sold in the stores. While the shops managed to sell more watches than competing chains, even there the return rate is very high.

“The Galaxy Gear attachment rete within Best Buy is the highest among all channels; however, the overall return rate is trending above 30%,” a confidential document from Samsung obtained by Geek.com web-site reads.

Samsung hopes that as more handsets support the smartwatch, the lower return rate will be. However, generally limited set of capabilities, relatively high price and lack of third party applications will unlikely let Galaxy Gear to become popular.

Samsung Galaxy Gear is based on a custom 800MHz application processor and is equipped with 1.63” Super AMOLED display with 320*320 resolution. The product features Bluetooth 4.0+BLE, accelerometer, gyroscope, 4GB internal memory, 512MB RAM as well as Li-ion 315mAh battery. At present Galaxy Gear is only compatible with Google Android 4.3-based smartphones and tablets.

Samsung Galaxy Gear notifies users of incoming messages, such as calls, texts, emails and alerts, delivers a preview of those messages and to accept or discreetly ignore those messages. Users can also control the music played on their Samsung Galaxy devices. As with traditional music players, it helps users browse, play and pause songs even when their smart device is not within reach. Finally, the Galaxy Gear also works like a Pedometer to track physical activity via enhanced, built-in sensor technology. The built-in speaker allows users to conduct hands-free calls directly from the Gear, maintaining connections to their mobile communications without disrupting their daily routines. Users can also draft messages, create new calendar entries, set alarms, and check the weather on the Galaxy Gear with S Voice. The device also features 1.9MP camera to shoot photos and videos.

Samsung did not comment on the news-story.