Barnes & Noble Unveil Nook GlowLight: Lighter and Brighter E-Book Reader

B&N Media Refreshes E-Ink-Based E-Book Reader

by Anton Shilov
10/30/2013 | 11:56 PM

Nook Medial LLC, a subsidiary of Barnes & Noble, has refreshed its popular lineup of Nook e-book readers. The new Nook GlowLight provides sharper text and advanced display technology for an optimized long-form reading experience that’s more natural and immersive than ever, according to the company. Unfortunately, the price of the novelty – $119 – is just a little behind that of entry-level media tablets.


The new Nook GlowLight is based on single-core application processor with 800MHz clock-speed and features 4GB of integrated memory. The device has 6” E-Ink display with 1024*754 resolution with new backlighting technology that is completely uniform across the display for perfectly lit pages in any environment. The light is evenly distributed, turns on instantly and adjusts with just a touch for customers to easily control the glow intensity. The built-in anti-glare screen on the reengineered display offers paper-like readability, even in bright sunlight. The e-book reader weighs 6.2 ounces (175 grams), 15% lighter compared to Amazon Kindle Fire Paperwhite.

Purposefully crafted for long-form reading, it features a fresh, contemporary new industrial design that is astonishingly lightweight and effortless to hold for long stretches. Its ergonomic, contoured shape fits naturally in one hand and has a soft-touch finish chosen to provide maximum comfort for marathon reading sessions.

While the new E-Book looks rather promising and competitive against Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite, it should be noted that due to its pricing, which is comparable to that of entry-level media tablets, it simply cannot become popular due to its limited functionality.

The new Nook GlowLight is available beginning today, just in time for the holidays, at Barnes & Noble stores for $119.