Streamz: World's First Smart Audiophile Streaming Headphones with a DAC and Lossless Audio Support

Streamz Headphones Can Access Any Audio Sourcem with Loseless Quality, But At a Cost

by Anton Shilov
12/26/2013 | 11:56 PM

Streamz, a Mozaex spin-off company, has announced it had released the world's first smart streaming headphones called Streamz, headphones that allow to play music and audio from multiple sources, including onboard stored music, streaming online radio, streamed phone music, plus audio from a TV, movie, and game player.


Streamz BluWaws 7.1 HDMI surround headphones feature a 1.60GHz dual-core system-on-chip, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi controllers as well as Google Android operating system. Streamz auto detects and connect to Wi-Fi Internet (802.11 b/g/n are supported) hotspots, a Bluetooth device, or with an optional module, a Bluetooth enabled AVR receiver. The device features 4GB of NAND flash storage upgradeable to 36GB with a micro SD card. The headset also sports a microphone input jack, rechargeable battery, and adapter. 

Streamz are the first headphones to incorporate a music player, a 48 kHz/16 bit CD quality digital analog converter (DAC) plus individual 3W vibration drivers and 160mWatt dynamic amplifiers. With its built-in DAC and AMP, Streamz delivers quality sound with optimum dynamic range, equalization, and amplification which results in incomparable clarity and fidelity, according to the manufacturer. Unlike most smartphones and mobile music players, Streamz headphones can playback such audio formats as FLAC, ALAC, and WAV CD.

"When it comes to entertainment there is only one thing more valuable than free, and that is simplicity. You no longer need to bother with a separate player since it's all built inside. Many people don't want the hassle of carrying, connecting, and draining the battery of their phone or music player. Streamz replaces multiple headphones so that you can enjoy all of your entertainment from any device with one simple-to-use pair of headphones," said Douglas Kihm, chief executive officer of Streamz.

Traditional headphones require an uncomfortable amount of pressure on one’s head and ears to achieve optimum sound quality. Streamz's vibration speakers achieve the same or better sound quality than traditional headphones with little or no head pressure being applied, which results in exceptional comfort, the maker claims. The four speakers are arranged as bi-amped, two-way speakers with two vibration speakers, and two 50mm dynamic speakers.

"U.S. sales of premium stereo headphones ($100+) grew 25 percent in units in Q1 2013 year-over-year, accounting for 95% of the revenue growth for the total headphone market. More than one-in-three premium buyers cited in-line play controls as 'extremely' or 'very' important in their decision to buy. Consumers are looking for ways to get the best audio experience no matter where they are or what device they are using. In fact, features designed to enable easier mobile playback are impacting premium headphone purchase decisions more heavily,” said Ben Arnold, director of industry analysis at NPD DisplaySearch.

Streamz headphones have only one drawback: $549 manufacturer-suggested retail price.